Originally written by me for citikiti.co.uk

Last weekend I proudly represented CitiKiti at the annual ICatCare Conference Weekend in Birmingham.
As a cat owner and cat care professional this was a great opportunity to meet other cat lovers and learn more about cat improving cats’ physical and mental health.

When I arrived I saw quite a few people in cat outfits: shirts, leggings or dressses. Luckily I was carrying a CitiKiti bag, so I was neither too over- or underdressed 😉

Saturday was quite a busy day with a lot of lectures on cat health and wellfare. We covered topics such as kidney disease, arthritis and stress and had discussions about breeding, cat friendly vet clinics and rehoming centres.

In between lectures there was plenty of time to socialise and chat about our own cats. One of the great things about the conference was that there were so many cat lovers and cat professionals. I had a chance to talk to vets, vet nurses, breeders and cat behaviourists.
Sunday was all about behaviour and we were presented with a fictional case – though based on Vicky Halls’s real experience – of a young male cat with behaviour problems. We discussed the young cat’s problems from various perspectives: the breeder’s and owner’s roles and also what a cat’s vet and vet nurses, cat behaviourists and rehoming centres can do to tackle behavioural issues.

It was a lot of fun and very informative too. I learned so many things over 2 days! It’s always good to learn more about our cat friends because as CitiKiti cat sitters we want to take the very best care of your cats when you need us to.

As Vicky Halls reminded us, taking care of cats is about education, education, education. There are always new things to learn about cats and their needs. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of the things I learned at this year’s conference & hopefully you’ll find it useful too.