* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

We all know that time of year: time for your cat’s annual health check & vaccinations.

Rotho 1 Is this my new bed?
Dirk’s cat carrier is always standing below my desk with one of his blankets in there so he can go in there for a nap if he likes. He actually goes inside to take a nap sometimes so he doesn’t “hate” the cat carrier itself. However…. when it’s time to take him to the vet it’s a different story. No doubt he picks up on small changes in my body language or perhaps I’m not quite as calm as I’m trying to be. In any case, he always tries to get away from the cat carrier when I want to get him inside. I manage to get him calmed down and walk inside on his own, but it’s not the best start to any vet visit.
For a while now I’ve been looking for a cat carrier that is easy to carry – I use public transport to get to the vet – and is also easily accessible. I’ve tried the Rotho Foldable Pet Carrier and it truly is the best cat carrier I’ve ever had!
I made sure Dirk’s blanket was inside the new carrier and left it in the living room or bedroom for a few days before taking him to the vet.
I would also recommend practising folding the carrier open & then back together again a few times before using the carrier. Once you get the knack of it it’s really quite simple, but I’m not that dexterous 🙂
Both rectangular panels of this carrier can be opened. This makes it very easy for your cat to walk in there. I put a treat on Dirk’s blanket and he just walked in – no stress at all!
The carrier is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can even attach a strap (not included) to carry it over your shoulder or pull it along as the carrier has wheels too. I imagine that might work quite well with small dogs as they are used to being walked on pavements too. I don’t think many cats would like being pulled along on the pavement, but would be curious to hear if anyone tries this 🙂
The carrier fits perfectly inside the luggage racks on the bus so your cat is safe during your trip to the vet 🙂 Once at the vet I put the carrier on one of the cat friendly shelves so he felt safe and could take a peek at what was going on!
Let’s see what’s going on here….
When we were in the consultation room I opened both sides of the foldable cat carrier. I am not a cat – LOL – but I can imagine it feels a lot less threatening to be approached by the vet in this carrier as opposed to many others (where they can either claw at hands that are trying to grab them or use their legs to resist being lifted in&out)
Rotho 6 I’m ready to go now!!
The vet was also really impressed with how it folds open. Dirk doesn’t mind being at the vet’s and he loves the vets and vet nurses, but I can really see how this carrier would benefit vets and cats who get quite scared at the vet’s.
Rotho 7 I still think it’s a new bed 🙂

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