* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

Dirk has one stylish new toy he wants to show off: a handmade, black&white pyramid by Minoumi.

Minoumi 3 This pyramid is almost as stylish as me 🙂

This is a really lovely and also very well-thought-out cat toy. The pyramid shape means the toy tends to roll and bounce a lot when your cat plays with it and cats love toys that move around. The toys are handmade using quality materials, which means the Pyramid is strong enough to withstand a lot of kicking, scratching and gnawing. Which is of course exactly what Dirk likes to do with it!

There is one other reason this toy is absolutely fantastic & it will make most cats go wild… It’s catnip of course!
And if you’ve previously read some of the toys Dirk tested you’ll know he goes mad.

As you will have read in Oliver & Rennie’s previous review of the Minoumi toys, this is not a toy your cat will want to share.
Not with other cats, but not with people either…


My mischievous little Dirk sometimes teases me as if he wants to play together, but you can forget about it.

Minoumi 9
Really, I was only joking before. You can play with it too!!

If black&white is not your taste, don’t worry. The Minoumi toys are available in different styles and if you don’t like pyramids they have differently shaped toys too 🙂 I think Dirk will put Minoumi’s Scandinavian style Playing Roll on his birthday wish list!