* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again!

If cats gave each other presents to show they liked each other, I’m sure they would give their cat friends the 4cats Cuddly Heart. That is, if they can bear to part with this lovely and soft toy….

Heart ee
No, I haven’t seen the Cuddly Heart…

The Cuddly Heart is really super soft and feels quite luxurious. It’s quite big, so your cat can give it a proper pounce or kick, but Dirk prefers cuddling with it and then sleeping with it. It’s maybe not the most energizing toy or one that will give your cat some exercise, but then 4cats have plenty of other toys to do just that.

As you can see, Dirk is more than happy to snuggle with it.

Dirk’s Cuddly Heart actually hasn’t left his cardboard box bed for a while. He’s often asleep on top of it or just grabbing a hold of it. He tends to play with it when he’s chilling inside the box.

Heart dd

All this snuggling and cuddling is of course exhausting in its own way. So what better way to relax than one last cuddle and pose and then it’s time for a nap!

Heart cc

The Cuddly Heart comes with a catnip or valerian filling, so you can keep your cat happy no matter which they prefer.
The colour is actually a gorgeous deep red, but apparently a bit tricky for my camera to process.