* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

The people at Freak Meowt must have somehow figured out that Dirk & I often “drink coffee together” (I drink the coffee of course and Dirk knows that’s the perfect time to sit in my lap). Dirk has also shown great interest in any types of coffee that come with a foam layer of milk on top and I must admit he sometimes gets to have a little of the foam… Yes, I spoil him 😉

Dirk’s new toy is based on a worldwide much loved drink: tea – just catnip please, no sugar or milk (although..…)

Catnip Tea hh

All right, so his new toy is not actually a drink – though that would be a great idea! – but a Catnip Tea Bag. I love the idea and the design, that really put a smile on my face 🙂

Dirk, fancy a cuppa?

The catnip “tea” is inside a fancy Tetrahedral shaped bag and attached to a string with a label. The string and  label are by no means superfluous: just try and grab hold of the tea bag again when your cat is playing with it! You’ll find the label extremely helpful.

Dirk is in catnip heaven with this toy. He loves cuddling and rolling around with it or chewing the piece of string. He’s not into sharing – anyone surprised? – so I have to really try my best to get hold of the label if I want to play with him. Tossing it around the living room for him to chase is fun too, but I really just enjoy watching Dirk go nuts.

Catnip Tea gg

If you’d like to get one of these head over to the Etsy shop!