In April we already experienced some very lovely weather and I love sitting on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine. Obviously Dirk was eager to join me…

I was not feeling comfortable with it. I let him on the balcony once and he stuck his head through the railing a bit too far for comfort. Dirk is very much a companion cat and loves spending time with me and my husband. Whenever we were out on the balcony he’d sit behind either one of the doors looking longingly.

Time for action! We ordered mesh from ProtectaPet and attached it to the railing. Now our balcony is safe for Dirk to enjoy as well although he’s not allowed there on his own.

The risk of Dirk actually falling off my balcony were probably slim to begin with. However, each year cats fall out of windows or from balconies. In fact, there’s a name for it: high-rise syndrome. For your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, keep them safe!