Besides being a cat behaviourist I work as a cat sitter as well.

People ask me whether I just feed and clean litter trays all day. Well, yes and no. I mean I do feed cats and clean litter trays, but there’s much more to it.
In the series of posts I’ll share some anecdotes from my life as a cat sitter. I promise these stories are all true, though the cat’s names have sometimes been changed to protect their identity 😉


First of a series of visits to Sophie today. I’ve known her for a while and she is very relaxed, sweet and so soft! I open the door and she walks up to say hello. Now normally she runs straight to the kitchen after that but not today. Actually, she really doesn’t seem hungry at all. This surprises me because she is truly food obsessed. When I walk into the kitchen it all becomes clear: Sophie has managed to open the cupboard and there’s dry food all over the floor. It makes me laugh out loud. What to text the client: that Sophie has been a bit naughty or very self-reliant?