* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

4Cats has got yet another great cuddly toy filled with catnip. They really know what cats love!
This one is in the shape of a dolphin, so not only is it soft and cuddly it looks cute too 🙂


You’d think the effect of catnip wears off after repeated exposure or as your cat ages, but that is certainly not the case!
Every time I give Dirk a new catnip toy he’s super excited. This one was no exception. Dirk likes biting or pouncing it or rubbing his head all over the toy. He doesn’t kick it as much as some other toys, but I suspect that’s because this one is so soft it triggers a different type of behaviour.

The sweetest thing is that Dirk likes to toss the toy in my direction as if he wants us to play with it together 🙂
I say ‘as if’ because I’m under no illusion that he really only wants me to give it to him or make him chase it… He’s trained me quite well!!

So head over to the Katzenworld shop and get your cat a cute dolphin to sink their claws or teeth into!

Head over to the Katzenworld shop to get one of these for your cat!