Besides being a cat behaviourist I work as a cat sitter as well.

People ask me whether I just feed and clean litter trays all day. Well, yes and no. I mean I do feed cats and clean litter trays, but there’s much more to it.
In the series of posts I’ll share some anecdotes from my life as a cat sitter. I promise these stories are all true, though the cat’s names have sometimes been changed to protect their identity 😉

Today: Buddy and Gandalf

Buddy is a sweet old guy. I’ve been his cat sitter for several years now. He was recently diagnosed with kidney disease so timing of my visits is important as he needs medication every day.
Some cats can be a little tricky with pills, but not this guy! He’s practically begging for me to give him his pill 🙂 For those of you whose cats are tricky: try the pill pocket (although it only worked once with Dirk, the second time he refused to eat it).

After feeding, medication and litter tray cleaning it’s time to relax together and listen to the calming cat music playing in the background. I’m certainly feeling very zen when I leave.

Ian Curtis

My next guy is a teenage boy named Gandalf. He used to sleep on my arm and nuzzle my neck, but the hormones are kicking in and cuddling is not cool. Ever since he figured out how to open the sliding door he’s waiting for me in the hallway instead of the living room 🙂

I love Gandalf. He loves all sorts of toys. He likes giving any of his stuffed animals a good kicking and chasing the infamous “red dot” of the laser pen. In fact, I’ve never seen a cat jump so high up on the wall trying to reach it!


Next time: fun with kittens!