If your cat goes outside then you’ve probably seen them bring home a dead mouse or two… I know it is perfectly normal cat behaviour but I really don’t like dead mice or birds.

It is often said that this is a gift because your cat loves you; however, giving gifts to show love is a human thing to do. Cats do not give other cats gifts.

Mother cats do teach kittens how to hunt and therefore may bring them a dead mouse, or one they haven’t killed yet, to teach them. I don’t think the cat is trying to teach you to catch mice; cats do not see the humans they live with as ‘sort of cats’. Plus, bringing home dead mice is behaviour displayed by male cats as well and also by females that have never had kittens.

Then why do they do it?

A cat’s instinct to hunt is very strong: they hunt even when they are not hungry or do not depend on eating prey to survive. If the cat is not actually hungry they may take the prey home to eat it later. Their instinct is to return to a safe place within their territory to eat.

So it’s not really a gift, but then it sort of is. Your cat is telling you that your home is a safe place for them 🙂

I much prefer this type of mouse 😉