It is January again and we are all back to working from home after the Holidays.

Dirk does not really understand the difference between me being home & having time for him and me working from home (& not really having time for him whenever he likes).

Luckily, we can keep our cats entertained. If you have a garden then you probably won’t have an issue: birds will visit and your cat can keep an eye on them. Dirk loves watching birds fly past, but I have to admit we don’t have an abundance of birds flying around our flat.

Time for the telly! Put on a TV programme (or let your cat binge-watch the entire series) with birds, insects, or other animals and this should keep your cat entertained! Watching birds is of course very tiring, but they can take a nap while hearing the birds on the telly. I wonder what they will be dreaming about…