About me

My name is Karen Juffermans and I started Happy cats in 2018.

I’ve always had a passion for cats and growing up we always had cats of our own. I never thought about turning my passion for cats into a career until I moved to London and started working as a cat sitter. I now work with (or for…) cats every day and truly enjoy getting to know the cats’ different personalities. Working as a cat sitter taught me a lot more about caring for ill and elderly cats. I also learned more about how to reduce stress for cats and how to help them deal with stressful situations – after all: I’m not their human and they miss their mom/dad when they are away. It’s up to me to make them feel as happy as possible.

It is not unusual for clients to contact me and ask me questions about their cat’s behaviour. Their cats have soiling issues, for example or stress-related overgrooming. Sometimes clients move or something else in their circumstances changes and they ask my advice to help their cat deal with it.

This has encouraged me to start learning even more about cats.
I have an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour – Feline (distinction) after having previously completed the Diploma in Advanced Feline Behaviour (also with distinction). I am currently studying towards becoming a fully APBC qualified cat behavourist and regularly attend CPD courses.

I share my home with my lovely cat. His name is Dirk and he is a very loving and lovable cat. He is an indoor only cat and as we all know it takes more effort to keep indoor cats happy. They don’t have a chance to roam around outdoors and hunt so we need to give them opportunities to play and explore. Mimicking hunting behaviour with toys and activity feeders can really help them feel much happier.

I’ll share some of the things I do to keep my cat Dirk happy in the blog section of this website and of course I’d love to hear from you too!

When I have the time I write blogs about cat toys and various other topics for katzenworld.co.uk, a great website with many interesting articles related to cats and other fun blogs.

For those of you who would like to know a little more about my background, please see my Linkedin profile.