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In many cases, most notably anxiety related problems, aggression and house soiling, the best way to deal with the problems is a home visit consultation so I can fully analyse the situation. This will be followed by written recommendations and a support period.


My preferred working method is visiting you at home to assess your cat’s behaviour in their home environment. This is especially useful in cases of home soiling, anxiety issues and aggression (between cats or from your cat towards you).

However, I understand a home visit does not always work and I offer video consultations as well. These consultations are most suitable for more general questions, such as: how to introduce a new cat when you already have a cat or a dog, what to do if your cat is scratching furniture or other destructive behaviour, etc.

Home consultations:
A consultation usually takes about one and a half hours to two hours. We will discuss all aspects of the behavioural problem(s) you are experiencing and the consultation also gives me a chance to meet your cat and assess their home environment. I will take notes and may also take pictures in order to help me come up with the best plan to solve the behaviour problems.

After the consultation you will receive an email with a detailed behaviour modification programme with advice and recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

Why home consultations?
A home visit consultation helps me understand your cat in their own environment and also helps me identify:
* does the cat have enough places to sleep, hide and climb?
* where are the litter tray(s) and food and water bowls located?
* could anything about the feeding, toiletting or sleeping arrangements be upsetting the cat?
* are there other things in the home that might be upsetting the cat?
* are there things outside that might be upsetting the cat?
* how do clients interact with the cat?
* how does the cat interact or behave towards its owners?
* if there are multiple cats, how do they interact together?

After the home consultation

Solving your cat’s problem behaviour and making sure they feel happy is not something I can fix within a two hour visit. It will take time and dedication from you as the cat’s owner as well.
It is important to me that you feel confident you know how to implement my recommendations. It is equally important to me to receive feedback or discuss any parts of my advice or recommendations that you are struggling with.
We will get the best results if there is an open line of communication!

I offer support via email and phone for up to six weeks after the consultation. Most clients prefer WhatsApp as this easy, quick and enables us to send pictures to each other or video call if necessary.

If you feel you need extra guidance or help you can always contact me to arrange a video conference.
A follow-up visit to your home is not usually needed.

Veterinary referral

It is always useful for me to have your vet’s details. I may need to consult with them or may want to ask them about your cat’s medical history. In addition, if I think medication is required I will need to consult your vet.

In some cases a verterinary referral is required. This is because there are many factors that can cause or contribute to the development of feline behaviour issues. These causes may include current, developing or previous medical conditions. Your vet can examine your cat(s) to rule out medical issues as a cause of the problem behaviour. Once your vet has established there is no medical reason for the cat’s behaviour issues they can refer you to a behaviourist. 

Please click below to download my Veterinary Referral Form

Happy Cats – Veterinary Referral Form

A Consent Form with Terms & Conditions will be sent via email when you contact me with a consultation request.