* Will I start to see results immediately?
In cats as well as people behavioural changes take time. This is especially true if problem behaviour has happened for some time. A cat may start showing a particular behaviour because of anxiety problems, however if these are not addressed then the behaviour may become a habit. Once the behaviour has become a habit the cat will start doing it in various circumstances. Habits, as we know all too well, are difficult to break. It will take time, patience and persistence to change these.

My advice is always to get advice from a behaviour expert early on. You want to nip undesired behaviour in the bud.

It may be tempting to search for solutions online, but without a proper diagnosis it is difficult to find suitable solutions. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to behaviour problems, even in cats that show the same behaviour. Solutions depend on your cat’s character and life experiences, as well as their home environment.

* Why do you need the details of my vet?
In some cases it may be useful for me to contact your vet. This is especially the case if I think your cat needs medication as well as behaviour modification therapy. I cannot prescribe medication but in consultation with your vet I can recommend them to do so.

* Do I need to be referred by a vet?
This is not always necessary, but in cases of house soiling you will need to see a vet first to rule out illness or other physical problems.

* How do I know which type of consultation to book?
In general, home visit consultations are preferred in cases of anxiety related problems and house soiling, to name a few.
Video consultations are more suitable for general queries or problems such as destructive behaviour.
However, this also depends on what you feel happiest with. If you prefer a video consultation, or a series of video consultations, then that is possible as well. Let me know if this is what you’d prefer.

* Where do you offer home visit consultations?
I am based near Victoria Park in East London and regularly work in Islington and Hackney. My work takes me all over London whether it is Richmond, Knightsbridge, Hampstead or Canary Wharf.
I offer home visit consultations outside London as well, mainly in South East/East England (Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex). Outside London, travel costs will be added to the fee.

I offer video consultations worldwide 🙂

* What are your working hours?
I am flexible and understand that you have work and other commitments as well. I am available for consultations every day except on Sundays.
On weekdays I am available for appointments starting between 9 am – 7 pm.