Will my cat use their new bed?

Many owners buy things for their cat and then their cat doesn’t use them! Cat beds are one such example. How do you know if your cat will decide to use it? Cats often prefer to sleep in elevated places, so position of the cat bed can make a difference. Not all cats sleep in their bed when it is on the floor, but you will increase the chances of your cat using it if you place it on top of a dresser, for example. They also enjoy igloo style beds as this increases their sense of security.

Another thing many cats absolutely love is sheepskin! A small sheepskin rug is a very nice, warm and comfortable bed. And it is flexible too, in the sense that you can put it where you like. You can leave it on the floor or sofa during the day and next to your bed, on your bed or the dresser at night. This means you won’t need many cat beds, just the one rug that you leave in one place or move around the home depending on where you want your cats to spend the night.

A Good Night’s Sleep With Silentnight Pet Beds

* Originally written by me for katzenworld.co.uk

Can a cat ever have to many places to sleep? Dirk is looking at me sternly, which I guess means no. The more places to sleep, the better!

Some cats never use their designated beds, but most cats do like having a sleeping space that is all their own. And because cats spend a significant amount of time snoozing, napping, chilling and sleeping they need a good quality bed.

Silentnight have decades of experience making high quality beds and mattresses for people. And guess what? They now have a range of beds for animals as well!


For cats, I’d recommend either the airmax bed or the orthopaedic bed.
The airmax bed has a thick cushion which has a warm fluffy side for the colder seasons and a cooler polyester side for the warmer times of year. Dirk hasn’t tested this bed, but it looks amazing and very cosy.

Dirk tested the orthopaedic bed. He is getting a bit older and the orthopaedic bed has been designed to prevent and alleviate sore joints. The bed has a lowered entrance which is really good for cats with arthritis or other joint problems. The cushion is not as thick as the airmax bed, but it is very soft and has been designed specifically to reduce pressure points and distribute weight more evenly.

Those are the stats, but how did Dirk feel about his new bed? He can’t actually tell us, but these pictures prove he loves it! He quite likes taking his toys to bed with him too and there’s plenty of space in this bed to do so.

At the moment, Dirk will still happily jump onto table and climb up the sofa, but he is no longer a spring chicken. In the years to come I can see this bed becoming his favourite place to snooze, because it is so easy to get into, has a super soft cushion and easy on the joints.

Dirk tested the medium size of the orthopaedic bed. For most cats, I’d recommend the small size of either the airmax or orthopaedic bed because it’s a bit more snug. To read more about Silentnight’s pet beds or to buy them, check out their website.

If your cat is not using their bed, try moving it to a different location. Your cat might just prefer to have his bed elsewhere.