Are we having coffee?

Those of you who read my review of the catnip tea bag toy know that Dirk and I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee together. In fact, Dirk recognises my “coffee time” and comes over to the sofa to sit with me. The clever boy obviously knows that I’ll be sitting down for a bit and therefore will have time to cuddle him.

I’m not entirely sure about the coffee drinking part of it…

Admittedly, Dirk is sometimes a bit more considerate and will actually let me have coffee. Best time of the day 🙂


Hunting games

As I wrote in a previous blog, it is important that we keep our indoor cats happy. Most indoor cats enjoy playing hunting games. The most suitably toys are the ‘fishing rod’ type toys. They come with many possible attachments.

Dirk loves the ones that look like insects or feathers. The feathers spin around and swish through the air mimicking an actual bird. Dirk interest is piqued as soon as he hears the swish swish of the feathers.

Another thing cats like: swap toys or attachments during a play session. This will renew your cats interest in the game and keep them active a bit longer.