Welcome to all cat lovers & owners!

Sometimes our feline friends are feeling a little unhappy about their lives. They try and communicate this as best as they can, but often we see that as problem behaviour. Your cat may urinate in inappropriate places. Perhaps you have more than 1 cat and they don’t all get along. Or maybe your cat is destroying your sofas (we know they aren’t scratching posts, but does your cat know that?)

Obviously you will have taken your cat to the vet and they have examined him/her. Your vet tells you your cat is healthy, which is excellent news but does not solve your issues. Your vet can then refer you to a cat behaviourist: that’s when Happy cats can help.

Happy cats is here to make sure your unhappy cat becomes a happy one. A cat that feels calm and confident about themselves and their home. A cat that is happy to interact with you, though you may need to accept that your cat has a different perspective on the amount and type of interaction they want. Not all of our feline friends enjoy a lot of fuss and strokes. However, we all know that when you respect your cat’s needs they make wonderful and loving companions.

So let’s make you and your cats happy again 🙂

Just some of the situations in which I can help…